Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun
User(s) William Furno
Functionality Swim through water at high speeds;
Shoot plasma projectiles underwater
Status Out of Use

The Aquajet Pack and the Plasma Gun are weapons used William Furno during the Breakout.


Furno obtained the Aquajet Pack and the Plasma Gun when he was upgraded to his Breakout form. They were used to fight Jawblade on Scylla and after that, the Aquajet Pack was taken off. After the Brain Attack, he swapped them for a Flaming Fire Sword and Fire Shield.


With the Aquajet Pack, Furno can swim like a shark. The variable speed, independently-controlled dual props fling Furno through the thick water of planet Scylla at incredible speed. The plasma gun has been found to be entirely useless underwater due to high pressure.

Example Usage

Furno uses his jetpack to swim underwater and uses his weapon and cuffs to capture Jawblade.


  • Furno's weapon can't shoot due to being underwater making it useless with the exception of his spear.

Set Information

The Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun was included in the Breakout Set Furno in Winter of 2012. 

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