Arachnix Drone
User(s) Black Phantom
Functionality Multiplying and projectile shooting
Status Destroyed

The Arachnix Drone is a weapon used by the Black Phantom.


The Black Phantom's custom-built Arachnix Drone is unique – no other villain has such a drone. The drone has the unique ability to multiply itself and target Black Phantom's enemies. The original creator of the arachnix drone was Core Hunter.

Example Usage

A group of Arachnix attacked Rocka during the Breakout episode, and in the same episode attacked the other Heros while Rocka fought Black Phantom.

Set Information

The Arachnix Drone was included in the Breakout set Black Phantom in Winter of 2011. It uses 11 number of the sets 124 number pieces.


  • They're the second arachnid based thing in Hero Factory, the first being Scorpio.
  • Their main body is the same piece as Thornraxx's head.
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