Big Joe
Big Joe.PNG
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Big Joe is a Robot living in Makuhero City and a member of the Hero Factory staff.


Big Joe works with the Heroes in the Retrofitting Tower of the Hero Factory, where he is known for his large collection of upgrades, and is working on new ones every day. His latest invention is an armor piece that has the capability to protect the wearer from nebula gas blasts.

Big Joe in the Retrofitting Tower at the Hero Factory.

When the Hero Pods had an issue, Hero Factory sent a rookie hero to deal with it. Big Joe asked the hero to help, and the hero eventually found the source of the problem, Corroder, and defeated the vile villain. Big Joe thanked the hero and sent a team to the area to investigate further.

When Dunkan Bulk became trapped while responding to a call on Tantalus 5, William Furno was sent to the Retrofitting Tower, where Big Joe upgraded him with acid-resistant armor, for the upcoming mission.

Later, Big Joe was knocked to the ground as Preston Stormer raced Furno to see who would be the first to have their Hero Cores recharged.

Prior to the final showdown with Von Nebula, Quadal insisted the Alpha 1 Team be retrofitted with Big Joe's nebula gas-resistant armor.