“Time to bring out the heavy artillery!”
Rotor, Trials of Furno
Biohazard Gas Shooter
Lethal Gas-Spewing Device.png
User(s) Rotor (Formerly)
Functionality Emitting Lethal Gas
Status Confiscated

The Biohazard Gas Shooter was a weapon used by Rotor. It could be used to spew a lethal gas, which caused rapid deterioration of Robot's inner system workings. It could also be used to shoot out concentrated blasts of energy.

The biohazard gas shooter as a piece

After Rotor was captured by the Alpha 1 Team, the weapon was confiscated.

Example Usage

In The Trials of Furno, Rotor shot a blast of energy at William Furno, only for the Rookie Hero to be saved at the last second by Preston Stormer.

Set Information

The Biohazard Gas Shooter was included in the Rotor Hero Factory set from 2010, comprising six of the set's 145 pieces, excluding a tube connected to it from Rotor's shoulder. A set of stickers were intended to be placed on the base piece.

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