Black Hole Orb Staff
Back Hole Orb Staff - TV series version
User(s) Von Nebula (Formerly)
Functionality Create Black Holes,
Disrupt Gravity,
Melee Combat
Status Confiscated

The Black Hole Orb Staff was a weapon used by Von Nebula. He utilized the staff to create black holes of varying sizes, which sucked in everything nearby. He could also see what was happening in other parts of the Hero Factory Universe through the orb.

During a battle with Von Nebula, William Furno managed to agitate the villain with Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings, giving Preston Stormer the chance to disarm him and suck Von Nebula into his own weapon. It was then kept inside a prison cell somewhere in the Hero Factory.

When Furno and Rocka brought Voltix to the Hero Factory cell, Voltix unleashed a Von Nebula entity and unleashed a Black Hole from the staff, unleashing Von Nebula from the staff and allowing the villains to escape in a breakout.

Set Information

The Black Hole Orb Staff was included in the Von Nebula Hero Factory set from 2010, consisting of 14 of the set's 156 pieces. One could spin the blades for added play value.

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