Wikikinetic Wikikinetic 20 July 2018

Policy Revision Suggestion

Hi everyone! I'm here to suggest some changes to Heropedia's main Policy, Articles for Creation policy, and Articles for Deletion policy. Here they are:

  1. I think that the spoiler policy should be removed. I think that this should be done because the content that it's telling users not to add was released four years ago, so it's not still a new thing that people might not have gotten a chance to watch yet; if they wanted to watch it when it was new, they've had four years to do it in.
  2. I think that the user blogs policy should be removed, as it basically reiterates the blocking policy (don't spam and don't vandalize).
  3. I agree with the user page policy on most points. However, I'd suggest two changes. One would be to allow people to use infoboxes,…
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Wikikinetic Wikikinetic 31 May 2018

I'm trying to adopt this wiki!

Hi everyone! I've noticed that this wiki has become somewhat inactive, so I'm trying to adopt this wiki in order to clean it up and make it a nicer place for everyone! By default, the adoption request will go through in a week, so if you have any opinions on this, be sure to let me know in the comments section of this article before a week from now!

UPDATE: After three weeks, the adoption request has finally gone through, and I now have admin powers here.

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Bio-mech Matthew Riley Bio-mech Matthew Riley 28 February 2016

I have something to say...

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I will be throwing myself a brithday party to celebrate my 21st birthday on March 11.  Yep, just me, by myself, alone, sniff, because I have no friends.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!  :'(

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Concernedalien11780 Concernedalien11780 28 December 2015

Hello, Heropedia...

Hello Heropedia, this is Concernedalien11780. As a lifelong fan of the original Bionicle series, I was somewhat bothered by the idea that its replacement after a rushed finale would be a considerably lighter and softer story that, in its initial teaser trailer in 2010, tried to come off as high-brow. Fortunately, when Hero Factory actually did come out, I realized that it wasn't that bad. Certainly not as good as Bionicle, but still not too bad as far as kids' toy-centered science-fiction action stories are concerned. I only got a few sets, however, because I was fourteen when it came out, my interest in getting Lego sets to actually properly play with and build original designs with them was dwindling, and I was at a boarding school when …

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Apilatom Apilatom 28 September 2014

Visit new page!

Please visit my new wikia:


Bye folks!

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Apilatom Apilatom 27 September 2014


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Apilatom …

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Mailbust Mailbust 3 September 2014


I was so busy today so I couldn't get on wikia until 10 P.M. tonight. When I made my daily edit, my daily contribution count (which was at 32) re started! I AM SO UPSET RIGHT NOW! IT TOOK A LOT OF WORK TO GET THERE! I HAD TO HOLD MYSELF BACK SO I ONLY MADE ONE EDIT A DAY!

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Mailbust Mailbust 2 August 2014

Hi everyone

Hi! My name's Mailbust, and I just wanted to say hi. I'm a really big Hero Factory fan, and so naturally, this is the first place I came to when I made an account. I hope there're still people here, and that's about it.

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Toa Takanuva Toa Takanuva 18 July 2014

Well, I failed

My plans for revamping the wiki have fallen through. I'm not familiar enough with anything wikia, so I can't really do any of it by myself, either. All I really have been doing this past however long it's been is check every edit to make sure there isn't a vandal screwing with the articles.

So, to top that all off, I will be starting college classes soon. That means I'll have no time for the wiki, which means me being a bureaucrat is completely pointless. So, I'm demoting myself.

I'm sorry I couldn't help out more.

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Bio-mech Matthew Riley Bio-mech Matthew Riley 19 May 2014

Has anybody seen FireSpitter?

Has, um, anybody seen firespitter?  He's my pet kanohi Dragon and and can't seem to find him anywhere.  To say the least his current status is black flag, which in military terms means "Missing in Action", I think.  If anyboby sees a large, four winged, bio-mechanical, flying reptile with a serise of red and black Quaza Spikes running along his back, then please, call the following number to report it so i can get my... my... (sniff), favorite little Firey-wirey-spity-wittty back, (sniff), (sob).  Uhh, oops, the rest of you didn't hear that part about what i call Firespitter when no one else is around.  The number you are to call if you see him is: 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY.  Thank you, I will be posting this message on other wikis so hopefully …

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Toa Takanuva Toa Takanuva 20 February 2014

Some news, a cry for help, and an apology.

Alrighty, so, got some news for ya'll today. Nothing major, but I will need some help from you guys as detailed further down.

First off, HeroPedia is no longer affiliated with the WikiMetru Forums in any way. The WikiMetru Forums' current administrator has decided to cut all ties with every wiki that the Forums were affiliated with, thus disbanding the WikiMetru "family" of wikis.

Next, my cry for help.

In case you guys may have noticed, our wiki's background and banners are severely outdated. On top of that, the background and front-page banner is a picture of a computer screen, and not a proper screenshot. I have been trying to fix this myself for a while now, but I am ashamed to say that I am not very good at editing images for this sort o…

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JediToa JediToa 13 February 2014

Claws and Wrist blades

Should pages be made for the weapons the HF used in their 3.0 forms? Namely, the plasma bow, the double-bladed tiger claw, wrist mounted blades, dual-bladed sword, and the triple bladed bear claw. I don't know why there isn't pages about these weapons already and I want to know what everyone else thinks.

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Toa Takanuva Toa Takanuva 27 January 2014

Invasion From Below set and character information.

The US will be getting the Invasion From Below stuff last, however the UK Hero Factory website has already been updated with the latest Invasion From Below information. Just go to HeroFactory.com and change your region to the United Kingdom.

Also, for those of you who haven't seen the Invasion From Below episode here, you can watch the full 22 minute episode on YouTube here.

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Toa Takanuva Toa Takanuva 21 January 2014

About the mass creation of Invasion From Below articles...

Okay, I know you guys just love rushing to be the first to create a new article about new sets and whatnot, but could you guys at least try to make them something other than a stub with a picture??

We've got templates for a reason, use them instead of just slapping a picture on there.

Seriously, some of these articles *cough*Furno Jet Machine* are literally one or two sentences with an image slapped on it. You guys have the time to complain about the spoiler policy, but no time to put actual work into the articles you want to make?

I'm going to personally redo these articles when I get some free time.

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JediToa JediToa 11 January 2014

Articles for Creation

I have been wanting to create many pages on this wiki, but AfC takes a while to get 5 votes and not to many people look at it.  I think that we should reform this policy a little bit so that we can get the pages Heropedia needs. --JediToa (talk) 02:18, January 11, 2014 (UTC)

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Toa Takanuva Toa Takanuva 5 December 2013

A reminder of our spoiler policy

Pictures from the next Hero Factory set wave, Invasion from Below, are not to be put up on Wiki articles before the sets' official release. They aren't available on lego.com's Shop at Home website, which means they haven't been officially released yet, so please do not add the images to any of Heropedia's articles.

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Erhan.cetinkaya.90834 Erhan.cetinkaya.90834 21 September 2013

Hero Factory 2014 Rumors and Discussion

Ok, so I finally had to see the HF series contine, so there will be three new VS sets, which will feature a smaller hero and villain, as well as heroes riding in vehicles and also bug minions, but they're based on the HF building systen. and we are looking forward to it, We hope that the sets will be as good as Breakout. Here is the list:

Update 1: I have updated this post, this time with prices, because of the comments which the users in this wiki have said that the sets will be really expensive, but I have found a solution which proves that they're cheaper,

Added prices (source: werst.de)

Update 2: Added piece count, and there will be bug minions (red, green and orange) in each set except the Jaw Beast set

Update 3: Finally there's finalized…

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Erhan.cetinkaya.90834 Erhan.cetinkaya.90834 14 September 2013

My return to Heropedia :)

Hey all you Hero Factory fans! 

I'm the successor of my old account, which I missed it almost a year ago. I can see that 2014 is in much anticipation, and I speculate that there will be upgraded heroes and new villains. you can see the end of the Brain Attack episode, you will see more brain slugs attacking two employees. All I want is to see Furno and Stormer (my favorite heroes) to come. I hope that you guys will be positive about me :)


A Kurdish Hero Factory/Bionicle fan living in Denmark 

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Bioniclezilla76 Bioniclezilla76 23 June 2013

I am inactive for good

Unless if I see something that is not worthy, I probably won't be editing at all now. Ba by.

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Thegreengrappler Thegreengrappler 14 May 2013

I'm new.

So, now that I am a member of this wiki I would like to know what pages need what. Thanks. Thegreengrappler (talk) 23:25, May 14, 2013 (UTC)

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Bioniclezilla76 Bioniclezilla76 10 May 2013

A potential "prove it"

A short blog, a good idea is when the new sets is out, you can show them that they exist to take a picture at your house (making it clearly your house) and then take another photo using many of it's more iconic pieces and use them in a MOC if people are skeptical and may think hat it is photo shopped. 

I have actually bought surge so it may happen soon.

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SonicJrandSarah SonicJrandSarah 9 February 2013

Brain Factory Villain

The Brain Factory Villain is the fan-made term to refer to the villain who sent to evil brain out in Brain Attack. He almost resembles Black Phantom with the exception of not having the laser shooters out of his back and that he has something different on each side of his head.

Nothing much is known about this villain other than he wants to destory the Hero Factory.

  • It's likely he was the villain who unlocked the file Black Phantom sent and the factory he runs was the result of recieving the blueprints.
  • Because he resembles Black Phantom, he could have been the one who sent him or be another member of his class of robots.

Brain Attack

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Bioniclezilla76 Bioniclezilla76 7 February 2013

The Brain Attack Korean vid is out

And alot of stuff for this wiki too like some rogue training drones and a hint of the next villain. Stormers bike got smashed by dragon bolt.

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Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 30 January 2013

Brain Attack Episode to Air on Nickelodeon Korea in February

The Brain Attack episode will air on February 1st in Korea on Nick. Problem is, it airs at 2:00 PM, and I still have school at that time. So I'll find another air date and I'll write the article.

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DeltaStriker DeltaStriker 18 January 2013

Natalie Breez 5.0 - Review

SS7 suggested I put this on here.

I have recently acquired Natalie Breez's 5.0 Form. She is a decent set, considering LEGO's lack of creativity when it comes to this kind of stuff. I'll probably revamp her as soon as I get ALL my LEGOs back.

  • 1 Review
    • 1.1 General Build
    • 1.2 Armor
    • 1.3 Weapons

Breez is one of the $10 sets released in Brain Attack Wave 1. She has the smaller torso piece and shorter arms, though her legs are the same build as Rocka 3.0 and Stormer 2.0. Despite this, she is actually very well proportioned.

The head is small than the Galtorian one, though it can be used to attach any type of helmet/mask (with the exception of the early BIONICLE masks) to the body. However, the visor only works on a Hero helmet.

Lightly armored, Breez continue…

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Toa Takanuva Toa Takanuva 9 January 2013

HeroFactory.com updated for Brain Attack

As such, the spoiler policy regarding the first wave of Brain Attack sets has been lifted. Happy editing, folks!

Just remember: No rumors or speculation on the canon articles please.

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Starscream7 Starscream7 8 January 2013

Greetings, Heropedia!

Hello, everyone. Some of you may know me, while some of you may not. I believe that I am not known very well through the new people, but allow me to introduce myself: I'm Starscream7, an administrator on the Custom Hero Factory Wiki, and I've come here after a two-year hiatus to averagely contribute on here as much as possible.

So, it is fantastic to meet all of the newcomers, as many of the older members seem to have left or gone inactive. All in all, you may not see me as much on this wiki as you will on the Custom Hero Factory Wiki. Although you are invited there to post Hero Factory MoCs, we work together as sister wikis. Again, it's great to see everyone, some again and others for the first time. It's good to be back.

BIONICLE: Universe…

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BlueSpeeder BlueSpeeder 31 December 2012

Heropedia Chat?

I've been on this wiki for a short time, but I've noticed several things. For instance, there's no chat on this wiki. Sure, it doesn't seem reasonable to have one because Heropedia is (no offense) inactive at times, but still. I think it will help beginning users know the admins/rollbacks.

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-Gladiatus- -Gladiatus- 31 December 2012

Summer 2013 or Brain Attack wave 2

Okay, I find names of Brain Attack wave 2. If you want know the source, its Brickipedia. The names are Stormer, Evo, Surge, Dragon Bolt, Frost Beast, Aquagon and Jet Rocka. Where are Nex and Stringer, I don't know. What are your speculation?

We now, what kind of are Stormer, Evo, Surge and Frost Beast, so I think the Aquagon combat against Evo, and he is yellow. He haves a claws and some king of water gun. His brain slug thing is blue.

Then, the Dragon Bolt is blue. He is like dragon, so he haves a wings, tail and sharpy claws. He's enemy of Surge. Dragon Bolt's brain creature is lime green. Dragon Bolt is bigger then other villains. If he is like that, I hope he combat against Jet Rocka at episode, or book.

And the last one is Jet Rocka. I t…

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-Gladiatus- -Gladiatus- 31 December 2012

Hero Factory.com

Hi, guys. Today, I just wake up my bed, I was eating breakfast and then COMPUTER TIME! Because I remembered that, the time must be over, I go to the herofactory.com. The time is over, and the video comes in the screen automatically. And too, there was some text: Danger. But still, there's no Pyrox, Scarox, Bruizer, Ogrum, Furno XL, Breez, Rocka or Bulk in Products Section. Can you tell, why? Happy New Year to everyone!

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Amanda113122 Amanda113122 23 December 2012

Hero Factory Brain Attack sets 2012/2013

So here is the pics of the new Hero Factory Brain Attack sets which were released probably today (December 22, 2012) or last night as these two sets were the last one in stock at my local Toys R Us. I did not purchase them since both cost $14.99 each (I have personal reasons of why I didn't buy them). Both Pyrox and Ogrum worth 600 points in the future Brain Attack game.

Since these villains sets are released; I am assuming that the Heroes sets will be released soon or next month. But for now; this is just a thought in mind.

I know some of you guys already knew that they are released and that a future game will also be release soon, however its better if I share this with the HF fans (who did not know about it).

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DeltaStriker DeltaStriker 3 October 2012

Hero Factory Story - Possibility?

Ok, so does anyone wonder why there is an unnactive BIONICLE story.com, but no Hero Factory.com? Well, I am planning to conntact LEGO about backing a Hero Factory Story Website. The thing is, LEGO won't want to do it unless they know the community is interested. So, what are your opinions of this?

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Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus 29 September 2012

My Sep/Oct haul!

Hi all HF fans!

While my previous blog post is still in development. I've got the set 6222 Core Hunter yesterday. He's a decent villain, I bought him after my sister Evin's ending ceremony as a social and healthcare helper. so I'm very excited!

Here's my review:


Same chest build as Iron Man.

New mask and armor molds

3 play features

Cool design


Head still Bionicle-like (I hope it's remoulded in next year)

Left arm still not poseable

Overall. I give him 45/50, I highly recommed him if you're interested:

Do you think that your favorite villain in Summer 2012 is?

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Starbuckssilver5 Starbuckssilver5 29 September 2012

hello other heroes

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Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus 21 September 2012

HF 2013 Rumors

Dear all Hero Factory fans!

Autumn has started. and we had pictures in October, We hope that 2012 is a fantastic year for HF fans, since TLG decided to take out a brand new direction for HF. with each mission which includes a hero and villain. so we think that the decision was great and promotional. It led to HF being succesful.

  • 1 Updates
  • 2 Brain Attack Sets
  • 3 Features
  • 4 Link

Update September 23. 2012: Corrected the set list

Update September 28, 2012: Added my thoughts on Furno XL and the villains,

Update October 5. 2012, The name of this next year's are now Brain Attack/, Fixed the informations. Hooray!

Update October 9-10, 2012. Finally we're getting finalized pics. I have created my own opinions and added a link to the pics, Woohoo!

Update November 4…

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Dregran Dregran 21 September 2012

Returning to Activity - and Some Important Announcements

Woah. Did not mean to neglect HeroPedia like I did. But in the light of my inactivity, there is some good news I'd like to talk about.

Yep. HeroPedia has had some promotions. Kingpinn2 has been a busy bee, and earnt the promotion to Administrator! Well done Kingpinn2!
We've also got two new rollbacks! Amanda113122 and Darktriggerhappy! Congratulations to all!
Also, the reigns of Monasti have been handed over to me. Meaning I am the leader of HeroPedia. Monasti will still be here, but I'll be the head-honcho.

We don't have one. And I think we should.

I'm not saying anyone in particular is making bad edits, it's just some articles are lacking. Lacking both relevant info and style. We need a good layout to follow and structure to be integrated int…

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JediToa JediToa 9 September 2012


Do you like Evo and his character traits more when he was 2.0. or in breakout? I personally like him better in 2.0., cool and calm. Well, Evo is once again has his Breakout personality in the Brain attack.

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Kingpinn2 Kingpinn2 8 September 2012


Hello Heroes! First of all, I'm sorry for abandoning the wiki. It just seemed like it was already "fixed", but I'm going to be here often now. Second of all, its Adventure Time! If your an Adventure time fan, you should support this project: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/23338. And since this is a Hero Factory wiki, I also recommend this: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/14044#. 'Till next time, Hero Up (it was the quikest thing I could think of)!

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Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus 1 September 2012

My first day in the wiki

Hi HF fans!

I am a huge HF fan. which I left Brickipedia due to negative comments. so I am starting to reach 100 achievment points this month. so after that I make a LDD moc about a villain. It will be uploaded in my next blog.

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Amanda113122 Amanda113122 26 July 2012

Release dates for Breakout Wave 2 sets

Since there is different release dates for the Breakout Wave 2 sets in United States and other countries (not including Germany). I will list whatever official info that I find and put it in here to show you when and where (only U.S. stores as Idk what stores or the names of them that sell Hero Factory sets in other countries) the new sets were first release in whichever store. Toys R Us stores will be listed differently for each country as sets varies for each store. Codes: NR (Not released), U (Unknown), and VC/VS (varies in some part of the countries/states)

6221 Nex
Lego.com: July 23, 2012 (U.S. & Canada), July 26, 2012 (U.K.)
U.S.: VS (Texas: Toys R Us, July 23, 2012 or August 1, 2012)
U.K.: VC
Australia: U
Canada: U

6223 Bulk
Lego.com: July 2…

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Amanda113122 Amanda113122 21 July 2012

Breakout Wave 2 sets

Last night at a Super Target in Florida; I have found out that some of the new summer 2012 sets are/were released. The reason I know it was released last night is because the store had just restock the Hero Factory side of the Lego section and a few did not have a official price and so it did not show up on the store's computer "merchandise price system". The sets I saw was XT4 (I brought this set), Core Hunter, Voltrix, and Speeda Demon.

Speeda Demon set I saw; did not fit the shelf among the other sets (since its a rectangular shape box) and cost $5 more then its original planned price (which was $29.99). I did not see the Hero sets out yet so I am assuming they will be out in August 2012.

Also the sets that has those zipblock bags things …

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Hero45 Hero45 29 June 2012

Hero Factory 5.0?

Hey everyone!

Do you guys think there should be Hero Factory 5.0 models?

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Kingpinn2 Kingpinn2 29 June 2012

Rampant Oceans, Empire of Frost, etc.

Hello Brickies! I've read from IMDB that there will be two new episodes of the TV series called "Rampant Oceans" and "Empire of Frost". What do you think the episodes might be about? Do you even think there real?

Oh, I forgot to mention the possible chance of a Hero Factory live action movie. Heres the link:[1], I'll try and look for the link to BZpower.

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Hero45 Hero45 28 June 2012


Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Eagleeyedan Eagleeyedan 15 April 2012

My Hero Factory CUUSOO project

In the latest CUUSOO blog they suggested posting your ideas in outside relevant websites. I figured here would be a good place. I made a micro-build model of the Hero Factory HQ in LDD. It's my first micro build I've ever done so I hope it looks decent. Here's some pictures of it. If you liek the set, please support it!


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SpaceDude SpaceDude 9 April 2012

BREAKOUT PREMIERES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although it hasn't aired on TV yet, Breakout is airing on the NickToons website. And it's not just a tiny trailer or excerpt. It's THE WHOLE THING!

Hero Factory: Breakout Online

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Serpentaxy400 Serpentaxy400 15 January 2012

Whats your favorite Villian in Hero Factory?

So,whats your favorite Hero Factory villian?

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Serpentaxy400 Serpentaxy400 8 January 2012

Breakout sets

The new Breakout sets look awesome.My favorite hero being Evo or Surge.My favorite villain being Toxic Reapa and Splitface.Whats your favorite?

Post your least favorite as well if you want.

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ToaSnicket98 ToaSnicket98 14 December 2011

Profile help

Can anyone tell me how to get a profile picture?

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Savage Grenadier Elite Savage Grenadier Elite 4 December 2011

Who's your favorite Hero and Villian.

Alright good people here is my first blog post.Now I know we all have favorite characters in the Hero Factory universe.My favorite hero is William Furno and my favorite villian is Meltdown.Now tell me who your favorites are.I know it's a hard decision but you can do it.

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