Brain Attack (Game)
Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack Game
Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Android Devices, iOS (iPhone), iPad, iPod Touch, PC (Online)
Controls Your figures, Keyboard, Computer Mouse
Apilatom and Bulk

Brain Attack is the first game app released for Android Devices and second game app released for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Windows Phones. It was later released on the Lego Hero Factory website after it was revamped.


Players are able to make their own hero and choose an Alpha 1 Team member as their "sidekick". Players will also be able to fight enemies from the Brain Attack waves.

Game Achievements

Android version

(To be written)

Apple version

(To be written)

Online version

  • Treasure Hunter - Collect 50 Pickups
  • Flattened! - Defeat 50 Enemies with the Crusher!
  • Hole In One - Teach 50 Brains to skydive
  • Brain Buster - Defeat 20 Brains!
  • Brain Blitz - Defeat 100 Brains!
  • Brain Overload - Defeat 1,000 Brains!
  • Bruizer Bash - Defeat 30 of Bruizer's henchmen!
  • Bruizer Bonanza - Defeat 100 of Bruizer's henchmen!
  • Bruizer Breakdown - Defeat 1,000 of Bruizer's henchmen!


A few days after this game was released on January 2013; The Guardian Apps Blog listed this game app as one of the Top 30 best iPhone apps of the month.[1]


  • As of March 11, 2013; Amuzo Games Ltd had announced that Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack Game was their very first Android app that has reached its one million downloads mark. Shortly afterwards, the game app also reached this same mark for its iOS version.
  • The Android version of this game was translated into 17 languages.
  • This game does not currently support iPod Touch 4. Also it cannot be download with any Android devices that has an Android version 2.0.0 or below (due to fact, the Brain Attack game has 3D graphics).
  • If you leave your game in idle or do nothing; your character (the hero) and your sidekick will start doing some dance moves, similar to the live video of the Gangnam Style song by South Korean musician Psy.



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