Corroder escape.jpg
Date Undetermined
Location Hero Factory
Outcome Freedom of all the villains housed in Hero Factory Lockup

Breakout is the name given to the mass breakout of the villains from Hero Factory Lockup.


Just after Voltix was captured by Rocka and brought to Villain Storage. Once his container had been hoisted up, Voltix released a Von Nebula entity, which shattered the Black Hole Orb Staff's orb, creating a massive vortex in the center of the room.

The laser cell doors all deactivated, and the villains began to run ino the vortex, transporting out of the room. Alpha Team tried to stop the villains from escaping, but they were unable to recapture any of the villains. After all the villains had escaped, the Heroes were called to Mission Control for a briefing.



  • The breakout caused the largest track and trace operation in Hero Factory history
  • After the Heroes left, Black Phantom entered Hero Factory through the hole created by the vortex
  • According to Hero Factory Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage, all major villains were recaptured.
  • For the heroes released this year, they used their original heads. For Nex and Evo, they used a head that was their old head in one piece and one color
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