Breakout (Game)
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Game Information
Availability Available
Platform PC (Online), iOS (Iphone), iPad, iPod Touch
Controls Keyboard, Mouse, your figures

Breakout is an online game released in February 2012 during the Breakout wave of sets. An app version for this game was later released for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad.


The game allows players to play as Alpha 1 Team members who are put on missions to go after their assigned villains. You begin as Rocka, who is automatically moved for you during Zib's tutorial. Then you are dropped into Black Phantom's level, and you complete the tutorial. You are then free to be whichever Hero you wish.


First Wave

Second Wave



  • Before the Wave two update, you were able to move your character using the arrow keys. After the update, you select a location from a list, and you are automatically walked there.
  • Before this game was official released; Lego Club Magazine members received a mini-booklet about the game with helpful hints & tips along with an exclusive unique code. The mini-booklet only shows the First Wave missions.
  • XT4 is the only villain to not have a level.


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