Bruizer Brain Attack.png
Affiliation Brains
Weapons Rock-smasher Fist, Razor Spikes
Status Active
Location Unknown

Bruizer is a rock giant transformed into a “wild-eyed beast” and is controlled by a brain.


Bruizer before his mutation.

The Bruizer species is native to rocky mountains. While one Bruizer was finding rocks to eat, it lifted a rock that had a brain underneath, which jumped on and mutated the Bruizer after being buried in rocks. After the transformation, a rock fell on it but he showed no pain. He then marched onto Makuhero City, only to be defeated and cured by Dunkan Bulk. It then kicked the brain far away, hugged Bulk, then returned home. The brain was later captured and placed in villain storage.


Rock Smasher Fist: A fist used for melee attacks with frightening force.

Razor Blades: Possibly used for cutting.

Set Information

44005 Bruizer was released on January 2013. His set contains 62 pieces.


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