Bulk Drill Machine
Bulk Drill Machine-0.jpg
Battle Machine
User(s) Dunkan Bulk
Functionality Drilling, shooting missles
Status Destroyed

The Bulk Drill Machine was a battle machine used by Duncan Bulk during Invasion From Below.


After the Heros went underground during the Invasion from Below, they got battle machines better suited for underground locomotion. Bulk got the Drill Machine, which he used to drill through two walls, using the battle machine's missiles to destroy loose rocks. At the second wall, however, the rock came loose, and Natalie Breez, Nathan Evo, and Bulk fell, in their battle machines, towards a crystal cave, which had crystals jutting from the walls. Breez, using her Flea Machine's grapple, grappled onto a rock above them, and Evo, in his Spider Machine, held on to one of the Breez Flea Machine's legs, which stopped him from falling any further. Bulk, however, kept falling, and his Drill Machine hit the spikes, destroying his battle machine, forcing him to eject.



The Drill Machine has four legs and a drill, and is colored gunmetal grey and orange. It has four missles surrounding the drill, two on each side. The drill also turn into a double cannon by simply pushing the drill upwards.

Set Information

The Bulk Drill Machine (set number 44025) comes with 113 pieces, and includes Bulk, a gun for the Hero, a Jumper, and a cocoon.


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