“Just stay like that, Heroes. Don't worry - I'll make it as painful as possible.”
— Corroder, Core Crisis
Affiliation Von Nebula
Weapons Cranial Horn, Meteor Blaster, Razor-Sharp Claws
Status Alive
Location Unknown

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Corroder is one of Von Nebula's most intelligent and dangerous servants.


Von Nebula recently recruited Corroder as one of his newest villains. In that time, he committed theft from numerous planet treasuries, destroyed public monuments on several worlds, and sabotaged the Cygnia Thermo-Dam.

Corroder attacking the construction site.

Under Von Nebula's instructions, Corroder attacked the construction site of Penitentiary 1331 on Tantalus 5, wounding some of the workers. Heroes Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk were sent to fight him. As Rookie Mark Surge arrived, shooting lightning at the villain, Corroder blasted acid at the girders above him. The metal collapsed, falling towards Surge, but Bulk pushed him out of the way and took the blow for him. The Heroes linked cores to form a Hero Cell, protecting themselves from Corroder's attacks - to the villain's frustration.

Corroder preparing to kill Surge, Bulk, and Stringer.

A Hero Pod then crashed into Corroder, angering him even more. He stomped towards the pod, intending to tear the Hero inside apart when he got out. However, Rookie William Furno then attacked him, revealing that he had jettisoned from the pod before it crashed. Corroder shot acid at Furno, but the rookie had been retrofitted by Big Joe with acid-resistant armor. Corroder then noticed a Drop Ship arriving, and Furno asked if the villain could take on ten Heroes at once. Corroder decided he could not, and formed a smokescreen by stirring up the dust. He then escaped, returning to the villains' base. There, he reported to Von Nebula on how the sabotage had gone. Von Nebula revealed that Furno had bluffed, but that Corroder had still been successful in his mission.

Corroder reporting to Von Nebula.

Corroder and Thunder were next sent down to New Stellac City in meteorite-like capsules. There, they battled the Alpha 1 Team. The rookie team eventually arrived to aid the Heroes, but so did XPlode and Meltdown to aid the villains. Von Nebula created a black hole to suck up the Heroes' weapons, and Furno and Stormer leap in to combat "The Mastermind". Meanwhile, the rest of the Heroes used Particle Separators to evade the villains' attacks. Corroder and the other villains soon ran out of ammo, and Corroder was stunned by Surge and Breez working together. Bulk and Stringer then twisted a heavy metal bar to hold the four villains captive.

Sometime in prison after the events of Savage Planet, Voltix used Von Nebula's essence to shatter the Black Hole Orb Staff to create a vortex allowing Corroder and all the other villains to escape from the Hero Factory. He is still on the loose.

Corroder escaping prison.


Corroder is an intelligent individual, but does not appear to be a wise one. Lethal in close combat, Corroder thinks he should lead the group, instead of Von Nebula. However, Corroder is smart enough to not rebel against his boss unless he is sure he can defeat him.


Corroder has lime green and black armor and orange translucent eyes. He also walks on all fours. His appearance is very lizard-like.


Corroder was armed with Razor-Sharp Claws and a shoulder-mounted Meteor Blaster. He is also known to use his corrosive spit and his horn in lethal combat.


“The forecast calls for showers. Hope you brought your umbrellas!”
— Corroder, Core Crisis
“Let's see how tough you are after a little acid, Hero.”
— Corroder, LEGO HERO FACTORY Booklet
“This prison won't ever hold any prisoners, heroes, and doesn't that just burn you up?”
— Corroder, Core Crisis
“I haven't had this much fun since that little job on Cygnia!"
"Great... I'm about to get fried and he's wandering through his memory logs.”
— Corroder and Jimi Stringer, Core Crisis

Set Information

Corroder as a set.

7156 Corroder was released in August 2010 as one of the four "small boxed" villain sets released as part of the Hero Factory line. The set contained 40 pieces. A sticker sheet was included, which was intended to be placed onto certain parts of the set.

Kelly McKiernan, manager for the Hero Factory website, combined XPlode's set with Corroder's in order to create Crunchy. However, Crunchy was merely built to demonstrate the proper techniques for taking a photograph for HeroFactory.com's gallery, thus no instructions were ever made for the combine model.


  • Corroder is voiced by Charlie Adler in Rise of the Rookies.
  • Corroder is somewhat similar to Toxic Reapa, as they are both lime green lizard-like villains who use a toxic substance as their main method of attack.


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