Creep Crushers
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Game Information
Availability Available
Platform PC (Online), HeroPad
Controls Keyboard

Creep Crushers is an online game that was released in January 2011 and found on the HeroPad at You can only play this game if you have brought a 2.0 Hero Factory set and use its unique code in order to have access to it (the game). If using a unique code from a 3.0 set to get access to it; the game will be labeled as Jungle Crushers instead.


In the Ordeal of Fire gameplay; the player will control one of the 2.0 heroes (that you have brought and unlock the game though its unique code) and try your best to survive the waves of (countless) "creeps" as they appear in the game. Several random objects (funny glasses, popsicles, teddy bears, music players, etc.) will fall out from each creep you have defeated that will give the player points. Throughout the waves; various power-ups may appear or hidden inside throwable objects.
After the player unlocked three more 2.0 heroes (along with their versions of the game); the player will get to battle with the final boss, Fire Lord (only after surviving all five waves) or battling against a giant version of Nitroblast instead.

In the Savage Planet gameplay; the player will control one of the 3.0 heroes with the same gameplay as the Ordeal of Fire version except the final boss is the Witch Doctor or a giant version of Waspix which depends on how many 2.0 & 3.0 heroes that the player has unlocked.


Left and Right Arrow keys: Move the Hero in the corresponding direction
Up Arrow key: Jump
"Up" "Up": Double jump/jump up a platform
"Down" "Down": Jump down from a platform
"Z" letter key: Shoot
"Z" "Z": Mini focus short blast
Down Arrow key: Shield
"X" letter key: Melee attack
Up Arrow key & Down Arrow key: Stomp attack


Ordeal of Fire version

Savage Planet version



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