Crystal Beast
Affiliation Beasts
Weapons Crystal grab staff
Status Unknow
Location Bellow Antropolis City

The Crystal Beasts are beasts from under Antropolis City in Invasion From Below.


The Crystal Beast was one of the few beasts to stay underground. As Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, and Nathan Evo explored the crystal caverns underground, with Evo and Breez still in their battle machines, they were hiding in the shadows. Then, many jumpers, along with two Crystal Beasts, ambushed the heroes. Another Crystal Beast attacked them, but it fell of the bridge. Then two Crystal Beasts attacked bulk, but he escaped before Breez fell off and left her battle machine. The heroes destroyed the bridge, then went to the Queen Beast's nest.


The Crystal Beast has a very short body and a tall neck. Many of the parts are translucent light blue. It also has a grabbing staff on his right hand and four green and black crystal pieces.

Set Information

Crystal Beast vs Bulk is set number 44026 and comes with 83 pieces and comes with Bulk and his gun and his rocket boots along with a green cocoon.

In The Game

When either Breez or Bulk are fighting Crystal Beast, he will drop crystals hanging from the ceiling on to the hero, then it will try to attack you physically, leaving him vulnerable. Other smaller beasts will also try to attack you. If you fall in the acid or have your health depleted, then you will have to build you machine again until the second time where you will have to start over.

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