“This is field reporter Daniella Capricorn from Channel HFX, live from the Hero Factory...”
— Daniella Capricorn, Von Nebula
Daniella Capricorn
Daniella Capricorn
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Daniella Capricorn is a female Robot living in Makuhero City and working as a reporter for the Evening News.


While on a mission, a Rookie Hero received a message from Daniella Capricorn telling them that Dunkan Bulk had somehow shut down. She told the Hero that Bulk was helping her with her investigations, when the citizens turned out to be bots, and overwhelmed them. Daniella Capricorn then helped the Rookie take Bulk back to the Hero Factory.

Later on, Daniella Capricorn reported that Raven Su, a leading scientist at the Makuhero University Research Facility, believed she had discovered the reason for Bulk's malady, a particularly nasty nano virus.

Daniella Capricorn broadcast live from the Hero Factory when the Alpha 1 Team returned from New Stellac City following the defeat of Von Nebula. She became very annoyed with her Camera-Bot, which seemed reluctant to focus on her and failed to "cut" when she ordered it to.

Sometime later Daniella Capricorn attended a press conference during which Akiyama Makuro announced the Upgrade and first introduced Julius Nex and Nathan Evo. She was also present during the unveiling of the upgraded Alpha Team members


During the Breakout, Daniella was present at the Hero Factory reporting of the heroes recapturing the villains before moving on recording footage to Kollix IV to Stormer chasing Speeda Demon. Shortly after Black Phantom infiltrated the factory, he locked her and her camera bot outside with the impenetrable defense shield. Later after explaining the situation to Stormer, he came up with the idea to her have do a report in a attempt to make contact inside the Hero Factory. Luckily, Rocka had already made it to Akiyama Makuro's Office to shut down the force field at this time.

After the capture of Black Phantom, Daniella is then seen reporting the fact that many villains had been successfully recaptured and taking a bit of credit for helping out Stormer.

Brain Attack

During the Brain Attack, Daniella reported during the turmoil and battle in Makuhero City. She was nearly struck twice by random weapons flying around and eventually fled when a group of Brains chased her.


Daniella Capricorn is tall, thin, and has been shown wearing a white dress, as well as a pink dress. She also has long hair that has been shown to be either silver or golden.


“You glorified hat rack, just wait until we get back to the studio!”
— Daniella Capricorn to her Camera-Bot, Von Nebula


Daniella Capricorn Ad

An advertisement for Daniella Capricorn's show in Makuhero City.


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