Ancient Reptilian Being
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Deneb was an ancient being with ancient reptilian features.


The Doom Box

Deneb, Arctur, and two other beings of their kind were responsible for the creation of the Doom Box. For their actions, they made themselves outcasts [1].

After the Doom Box was completed, they brought it to a chamber (built with stone walls) deep underground, where Arctur destroyed it to prevent the destruction of the galaxy. Deneb objected, but Arctur would not be swayed.

Later, when Arctur an the others were deciding where to hide the three parts of the Box, Deneb secretly carved the locations on a map on the stone wall.


It is unknown whether Deneb still lives, though it is unlikely as Arctur claims to have caused the destruction on his species.

Abilities and Traits

Deneb is anxious for power, and seems willing to go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.



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