Dragon Bolt
Dragon Bolt Brain Attack.png
Status Common
Location Unknown planet
Pronunciation N/A

The Dragon Bolt was a giant dragon-like creature that was mutated and controlled by a Brain.


Dragon Bolt in Brain Attack

Dragon Bolt was in a forest that was similar or the same as the Ogrums were inhabited. A brain attacked Dragon Bolt in a cave, and no one could see what happened, until Dragon Bolt's red eyes appeared. After the heroes defeat all of the brains controlling the creatures, Dragon Bolt appeared in the sky, blasting electricity balls at the heroes, then drilled a hole into the Hero Factory. Rocka chased after Dragon Bolt, but it sneaked up on him and fired an electric fireball at him, forcing the Hero to retreat into a storage bay. Rocka stumbled on a jet and chases Dragon Bolt with it while firing missiles. Rocka exited the jet, jumped on Dragon Bolt, and incapacitated the brain, which got eaten by Dragon Bolt. After everyone was done with the mission, a friendly Dragon Bolt appeared, playing with the kids.

Dragon Bolt - Smok.PNG



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