“And it all seemed routine until they ran into this hulking Drone, packing enough plutonium cryptide canisters to level half the city.”
William Furno, Von Nebula
Weapons Plutonium Cryptide Cannons
Status Destroyed, Converted into Monument
Location New Stellac City

The Drone was a gigantic, destructive Robot that attacked New Stellac City.


The Drone began a rampage in New Stellac City for unknown reasons. A call reporting a burglary-in-progress was received by the Hero Factory Call Center, and Heroes Thresher, Preston Stormer, and Von Ness were called in to put a stop to it. Soon, the Heroes encountered the Drone, which used its massive blasters to severely injure Thresher. Stormer ordered Von Ness to get the team leader to safety while he took out the Drone, however, Von Ness was frightened and attempted to escape in a Drop Ship, leading to an aerial battle between he and Stormer.

Meanwhile, the Drone slowly approached, preparing to destroy both of them. Eventually, Stormer gave up on Von Ness and leaped off the Drop Ship and onto the Drone. Stormer then cross-wired the Drone's power-source, causing the Drone to malfunction and explode.

Drone Monument

The Drone after it was converted into a monument.

The Drone was later made into a monument to Preston Stormer and the Hero Factory. After a confrontation between the Alpha 1 Team and four of Von Nebula's villains, Dunkan Bulk removed a piece of metal from the monument to wrap around the villains, effectively binding them for transport.


The Drone was a gigantic Robot, towering at least forty feet into the air. It stood on massive legs and wielded two large blasters. Its visual sensors were green.


  • This character was built by BZPower member krischan for a BIONICLE creation contest.
  • The Drone is the first robot being to be destroyed by a Hero as every villain got captured until Core Hunter got destroyed by Surge.


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