Drop Ship

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TV Form

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User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Functionality Transport
Status In Use

The Drop Ship, also known as Hero Craft, is a transport vehicle utilized by the Hero Factory.


Drop Ships have been utilized in many Hero Factory missions since their beginning.

One such mission was the one where Thresher, Preston Stormer, and Von Ness were assigned to defend New Stellac City from a giant robot. When Thresher was felled by the robot's attacks, Von Ness panicked and tried to escape in the Drop Ship. Stormer leapt on the Drop Ship to try and stop him, but Von Ness shook him off and managed to get away. The fate of this Drop Ship is unknown.

A Drop Ship was flown by a Hero, supposedly Sky Blue in 1.0 status. Its fate is not shown in any records.

Epsilon 4 Team used a Drop Ship in their capture of the Arcadian Sand Snake, and did an honorary fly-by of the Assembly Tower.

Natalie Breez piloted a Drop Ship to Penitentiary 1331 when the criminal Corroder attacked. William Furno bluffed that the ship contained additional Heroes, and Corroder fled.

Furno was allowed to fly a Drop Ship carrying Stormer, Breez, and Mark Surge through an asteroid field. En route, they received a call and flew the Drop Ship to Mekron City.

The Alpha Team took a Drop Ship to New Stellac City to investigate a mysterious meteorite.


The Drop Ship is armed with a single H4 Force Ball Shooter. The vehicle is also protected by a cockpit vario-field and covered with tough yellow and gray plated armor.

Set Infomation

The Dropship as a Set.

The Drop Ship was released as one of the Hero Factory large boxed sets in August 2010 with 394 pieces. Thirteen of the pieces are used to construct the pilot, leaving 381 pieces for the actual vehicle. The set included a sticker sheet, which was intended to be placed onto certain parts of the set. A trigger at the bottom, when pulled, can be used to open the side wings while also grabbing Hero Factory canisters which act as Hero Pods in the story. A handle was situated underneath for added play value and a stand under the cockpit could help for display. One could also shoot ammo from the set's spring-loaded H4 Force Ball Shooter. It measures seventeen inches (43.2cm) long and nine inches (22cm) tall.


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