Dual Fire Shooter
D Fire
User(s) William Furno (Formerly)
Functionality Shoot Fire Energy,
Melee Combat
Status Out of Use

The Dual Fire Shooter was William Furno's weapon. Furno used it in combat with villains or to deal with disasters.


During a past mission, Jawblade managed to steal Furno's shooter, and later converted it into his Magma Blades.

During a battle in New Stellac City, Von Nebula created a black hole with his Black Hole Orb Staff that sucked up the Heroes' weapons, including the Dual Fire Shooter, though Furno received another one.

After the Alpha 1 Team was defeated at Tanker Station 22, and the Heroes were rebuilt, Furno traded in his weapon for a Multi-Tool Ice Shield.


The Dual Fire Shooter could heat plasma coils and shoot the energy from the two orange blades connected to the hilt. The weapons could be held in one hand for double energy output or in both to combat multiple opponents. This weapon also functions as a flamethrower.

Example Usage

In Stuck on a Problem!, Furno fired bolts of energy at a rampaging giant insect with his Dual Fire Shooter.

Set Information

The Dual Fire Shooter was included in the William Furno Hero Factory set from 2010, comprising two of the set's 19 pieces. The pieces were made with a silver metallic base, and co-injected with bright translucent orange plastic.


  • In The Enemy Within, Furno's dual fire shooter also functions as a Flamethrower. Furno tried to use it on Stormer only for Stormer to move it and burn a electro-billboard (though it's ambiguous as to whether that ultimate result was Furno's intention all along).
  • The Fire Lord obtained the technical specifications for the Dual Fire Shooter, and modified the design to create the Lava Blaster.
  • Jawblade stole Furno's dual fire shooter to create Magma Blades.

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