Energy Shield and Crossbow
User(s) Rocka
Functionality Defense and projectile shooting
Status In Use

The Energy Shield and the Crossbow are weapons used by Rocka.


Rocka obtained the Energy Shield and the Crossbow when he was upgraded to his Breakout form. He used them to  defeat Black Phantom and Core Hunter, then later removed them for the Plasma Sword and Spinning Razor Shield after the Brain Attack.


Rocka convinced Zib to let him carry a crossbow. The energy shield, which looks the same as Breez’s but is actually not nearly as powerful, is more decoration than protection. Rocka can shoot a target hundred yards with a needle fired from his Crossbow..

Example Usage

Set Information

The Energy Shield and the Crossbow were included in the Breakout Set, Rocka on January 2012. It uses #number of the sets #number pieces.

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