Epsilon 4 is a newly minted Hero Factory Team consisting of Heroes with experience handling mythical and medieval creatures.



Responding to an emergency call into the Hero Factory Call Center's 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY number, Mission Manager Zeta dispatched Epsilon 4.

The team encountered the beast not far from the original sighting point, a high school in the North American region of the planet. Belying its brutal reputation, the dragon was found asleep in a small wooded area and easily contained. Damage to the surrounding area was minimal. Team Leader Puck reported slight damage to a nearby industrial estate and parking lot. Heroes performed routine sweep of surrounding area before returning to the Hero Factory.


When Hobo-Chincu invaded a boy's house and devoured all the food in his refrigerator, the boy sent a call in to the Hero Factory Call Center, which was analyzed by Nathaniel Zib on Hero Factory FM. Zib dispatched Epsilon Team on Hobo-Chincu's tail, but it is unknown if he was caught.

Arcadian Sand Snake

Zed Clickstart accompanied the team as they tracked down the brutal Arcadian Sand Snake. For unknown reasons, Lanford Puck was not able to lead, and Gil Driver became acting Team Leader. The team managed to apprehend the beast, with Zed Clickstart helping to get the creature into their Drop Ship's cargo hold. The team then did an honorary fly-by of the Assembly Tower.


  • Lanford Puck (Leader)
  • Azar Wright
  • Gil Driver

Mission Manager

  • Zeta
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