Evo Walker
Evo Walker.jpg
Battle Machine
User(s) Nathan Evo
Functionality Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Evo Walker is a small Battle Machine used by Nathan Evo.


The Evo Walker was created in response to the disappearance of three workers on Antropolis City. Piloted by Nathan Evo, the walker was sent into an unfinished transport tunnel in order to find the missing construction workers. Soon after entering the tunnel, Evo and his machine were attacked by Jumpers, and Evo was forced to eject from the vehicle and retreat as the Jumpers destroyed the machine.


The Evo Walker was primarily armed with a Goo Ball Shooter, and came with a razor-sharp saw for defense when the main weapon cannot be used.

The Evo Walker was also equipped with an ejector seat, a bullet-proof visor, and a communication device.

Set Information

The Evo Walker (set number 44015) comes with 51 pieces, and includes three Jumpers, an Evo minfigure, and a chainsaw for Evo.


  • It's one of two battle machines with three legs, the other on being the Breez Flea Machine.
  • It's the only set to include three Jumpers.
  • It's the only wave one battle machine without a container.
  • It's one of three battle machines owned by Evo, the other two being the Evo XL Machine and the Evo Spider Machine.
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