Evo XL Machine
Hero Factory Invasion from Below Wave 1 - EVO XL Machine
Battle Machine
User(s) Nathan Evo
Functionality Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Evo XL Machine is a Battle Machine created by Nathan Evo to fight the massive creatures that invaded Antropolis City.


After Jumpers and their larger mutations invaded Antropolis City, Evo created the Evo XL Machine to replace the destroyed Evo Walker. Soon after its construction was completed, Evo had to fight a Splitter Beast that was chasing Furno. After the beast was defeated, the Alpha 1 Team headed underground to find the source of the Jumpers, but was later disassembled to create smaller Battle Machines that were better equipped to traverse the underground caves.


The Evo XL Machine was equipped with a Goo Ball Shooter, and a missile launcher on its shoulder. It was also equipped with a bullet-proof visor, an ejector seat, and a canister to capture and analyze the Jumpers.

Set Information

The Evo XL Machine (set 44022), with 193 pieces, comes with two Jumpers and an Evo minifigure, as well as a gun for Evo.


  • It is the biggest battle machine of wave 1 for 2014.
  • It is also the biggest battle machine of 2014.
  • It is Evo's second battle machine.
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