“There’s only one sane option when facing a Fangz – run. Fast!”
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Status Common
Location Quatros
Pronunciation FANGZ

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Fangz are techno-organic canine like creatures from the planet of Quatros.


Corrupted Fangz

When Aldous Witch was transformed into the Witch Doctor, he planted corrupted Quaza Spikes on several of the hellhounds as means of controlling them. Several of them currently act as bodyguards for Witch Doctor, who keeps them in close proximity.

One attacked Rookie Hero Rocka, who was responding to a distress call. Witch Doctor summoned the creature back to him, with Rocka following its path. Witch Doctor then commanded two more Fangz hounds to attack the rookie.

When Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, and Preston Stormer arrived at Witch Doctor's base, shrunken from the effects of the teleporter, they were spotted by several Fangz. They managed to hold the hounds off using the nearby terrain, before their capture by the Witch Doctor.

Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer were soon able to free the Fangz from the Witch Doctor's control. Before Alpha 1 Team left Quatros, two Fangz arrived to see them off, showing gratitude towards Rocka.

Abilities and Traits

Fangz are cunning as well as swift, and are able to hunt down creatures much larger then themselves. These hounds are known to work in packs, which can take down almost anything, with the possible exception of a Raw-Jaw. Fangz are also considered aggressive, and have the ability to climb tall trees if needed.

The Fangz under the control of Witch Doctor were more aggressive than usual, and could be controlled through the Skull Staff.


Fangz are silver and black in color, and they have two spears mounted under their lower jaw which can pierce through any material.

Set Information

A Fangz set was released as one of the three Hero Factory small boxed villain sets of summer 2011. Its product number is 2233 and contains 55 pieces, including four printed armor pieces and three dual-colored Quaza spikes.



  • A Fangz appeared in the end of Savage Planet as one of the animals attacking Alpha 1 Team, though the episode and the subsequent comic replaced it with the Scorpio.
  • Some of them were imprisoned in Hero Factory Storage.

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