Frost Beast
Frost Beast Brain Attack
Status Common
Location Unknown planet
Pronunciation N/A

Before mutation

The Frost Beasts were giant ice creatures that were mutated by the Brains.


The Frost Beast species is native to snowy regions. A Frost Beast, after witnessing one of its kind being mutated by a Brain, cleared off the snow that was covering a rocket to find what was inside. The Frost Beast was quickly attacked and mutated by a brain shortly afterwards. The group of mutated Frost Beasts then made their way towards the Hero Factory. Upon arriving at Makuhero City, the Frost Beasts and other creatures mutated by the Brains quickly started terrorizing the city's civilians. Soon afterwards, the Heroes arrived and quickly defeated the Frost Beasts after figuring out how to remove the Brains from their hosts. After the battle, the Frost Beasts made their way back to their homeland.


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