“Equipped with a powerful engine, front steering, and dual Plasma Blasters, the Furno Bike gives Rookie Team Leader William Furno the speed and power he needs to complete even the toughest missions.”
Furno Bike
Furno Bike
User(s) William Furno
Functionality Combat, Transportation
Status In Use

The Furno Bike is a vehicle driven by William Furno.


After its construction, Furno was given the bike and eventually became attached to it. He occasionally uses the bike while practicing in the Training Sphere.

During a mission at the Explosives Plant on Lemus 2, Furno summoned the bike into battle after Preston Stormer was downed by XPlode and Rotor. Gaining the upper advantage in speed, he managed to jump off the bike and capture Rotor using Hero Cuffs.

Furno Bike Comic

The Furno Bike in the Comics.

When Stormer was corrupted by nanobots, Furno rode the bike out of the Assembly Tower to chase down the tainted Hero in Makuhero City.

The Ultra Mach Speed Cycle was modeled after it. The Dragon Bolt destroyed a prototype of the bike in Hero Factory.


The Furno Bike is plated orange and silver, with dual plasma blasters on each side for offensive and defensive purposes, and utilizes a powerful nucleonic engine. It also has a kickstand for when it is not being used. The bike can be summoned at Furno's request by an ultrasonic signal.

Furno Bike

William Furno riding the Furno Bike.

Set Information

The Furno Bike was released as one of the Hero Factory large boxed sets in August 2010. It came packaged with a variant version of William Furno. The set number for the Furno Bike was 7158 and contained 165 pieces, 150 of which were used to build the actual vehicle.


  • The set was first thought to be called "Blaze Bike", but with the announcement of William Furno's finalized name, the name of the vehicle was adjusted accordingly.
  • In Breakout, Preston Stormer uses a recoloured version of the Furno Bike when he chases down Speeda Demon.

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