Furno Jet Machine
Furno Jet Machine animated.jpg
Battle Machine
User(s) William Furno
Functionality Aerial Combat
Status Destroyed

The Furno Jet Machine was the battle machine that William Furno used during Invasion from Below. It was the second battle machine built, and can, as the name implies, fly.


The Jet Machine was constructed by Nathan Evo soon after the Freeze Machine using the Remote Builder. Preston Stormer, Rocka and Furno took off in their battle machines towards the city to fight the beasts.

Furno used his Jet Machine to save saved Bulk and Surge from a chute thrown by a Jaw Beast using the Jet Machine's flame cannons. Furno then flew up to the beast and fired multiple shots but the beast easily shrugged of and destroyed his machine.


The Jet Machine consists of red and gunmetal grey, as well as an exclusive silver armor piece on the right arm. It has two flame guns/the "jets" of the machine, with two spotlights connected to them, as well as two Magma Blades. It also has a canister on the back for holding Jumpers and a cockpit that transfers data from the canister. It also has a fire extinguisher on its left leg and a removable gun on its right leg.

Set Information

The battle machine as a set.

The Furno Jet Machine is set number 44018, aimed at ages 7-14, and has 79 pieces. It comes with Furno, a Jumper, a fire extinguisher, and a laser gun for Furno. The set can be combine with Evo Walker to create Furno and Evo Twin Machine.

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