“Where is the plastic toy in my SuperMeal?!”
— Gargantuan Smash, Hero Factory FM
Gargantuan Smash
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Gargantuan Smash is a former villain who now assists Hero Factory's Mission Managers.


Gargantuan Smash used to travel around the universe, terrorizing innocent citizens and demanding precious jewels. One such rampage was sparked by the absence of a plastic toy in a supermeal he bought from a fast-food restaurant. After finding (and destroying) a diamond-encrusted temple, he became bored of crime and went to work for the Hero Factory in helping the Mission Managers to capture villains. An interview by Mak Megahertz on Hero Factory FM revealed his life ambition: becoming a poet. He apparently succeeded, as he is now partnered with the opera singer Lydia Zehula.


“I am Gargantuan Smash, kneel before me in terror!”
— Gargantuan Smash, Hero Factory FM


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