Geb was a small-time crook working on an unnamed criminal planet.


Geb started as a cleaner at a station/hotel, and worked his way to manager after the 'accidental' falling of the previous manager down stairs, twice. He was approached by Core Hunter's duplicate who asked him to hide a piece of the Doom Box in his vault. Preston Stormer arrived and questioned Geb, and Geb revealed the room Core Hunter's double was staying in, which turned out to be a trap. Later, Geb was approached by Dunkan Bulk and Natalie Breez who claimed to be smugglers requesting Geb to hold something in the vault. Geb agreed, and brought them down to the vault. Core Hunter arrived and in retaliation for Geb not using the vault for him and him alone, Core Hunter attached an anti-gravity device to Geb, who then floated up into orbit and space. His final status is unknown.

Abilities and Traits

As a crook, Geb accepted offers whenever they were appropriate for business and had no client loyalty. He was also very ambitious, but scared of Heroes.

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