Greg Farshtey

Greg Farshtey.

Greg Farshtey is an employee of LEGO, as well as the author of the BIONICLE storyline, who adapted the Hero Factory comics from the television show scripts. He is also the author of the Hero Factory Secret Mission series.


Greg Farshtey was born in New York state and spent most of his childhood in Standford, Connecticut. His writing career began with different journalism outlets, such as newspaper reporting. He began his career with The Lego Company as an editor for the LEGO Magazine in 2000. He later applied for and became the writer of a comic series that was to accompany The Lego Company's new BIONICLE toy line and joined the story team. In 2003, Farshtey was asked to write Tales of the Masks and then replaced Cathy Hapka as author of all future BIONICLE books.

Farshtey is now the chief editor of the LEGO Magazine and U.S.A. edition of BrickMaster. He also writes the web serials on and voices the narrator and male characters in the audio serials.

Greg Farshtey is a member of BZPower, as well as other BIONICLE fansites, under the username of GregF, and kindly answers many questions asked by fans, via the Personal Messenger system on BZPower, and other means elsewhere, almost daily.

Greg has a daughter, Alexandria Marie Farshtey, who was born on September 4, 2010, to his ex-wife, Jackina Farshtey.


  • Farshtey's wife, Jackina, commonly assisted Greg with the BIONICLEstory podcasts by offering her voice for some female characters.
  • Somewhere in 2012, BioSector01 mentioned that Greg was now divorced and lives with his daughter. This was confirmed on his Author Page on .

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