Hero Core Remover Tool

Hero Core Remover Tool

The Hero Core Remover Tool is a weapon used by Core Hunter, which was used in a plan by Arctur to stop the Doom Box. Core Hunter started using it shortly after becoming a villain to remove the Hero Cores from fallen Heroes. It was confiscated after he was captured, but he got it back after escaping. When he activated the Doom Box, Natalie Breez used it to absorb the Doom Box's energies, rendering it powerless. However, the Remover Tool had been supercharged by the box's energies and it could now launch these energies in destructive blasts and drain hero core energy from a distance. Core Hunter used it to defeat Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, William Furno, Breez and Rocka, but Surge used his Electricity Shooter to force the energies back into the Remover Tool, destroying it and causing Core Hunter to vanish.


The Hero Core Remover Tool is designed like other equipment in Core Hunter's arsenal, with the intent for a streamlined and efficient usage. The Remover Tool surgically extracts the Hero Core from fallen Heroes; with the razor sharpness and precision engineering of the tool, the Core is not destroyed in the harvest, allowing Core Hunter to preserve the Core successfully and add it to his collection.

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