“Let's see how you like our power-draining Hero Cuffs.”
William Furno to Rotor, Trials of Furno
Hero Cuffs
User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Functionality Restrain Villains by Draining Power
Status In Use

Hero Cuffs are devices used by the Heroes of the Hero Factory to restrain Villains so they can be transported to alternate locations.


The Hero Cuffs have the ability to drain the power of whoever is being bound by them, thus making villains easier to handle.

In, Breakout they are now able to be thrown and they will seek out their target and cuff them.

Example Usage

Furno holding the Hero Cuffs

In The Enemy Within, Preston Stormer used a pair of Hero Cuffs to restrain Chief Drax, who had gone berserk due to Meltdown having infected him with nanobots that were overriding his systems.

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