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Hero Factory Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage
Robot Rampage
Hero Factory Book
Year 2013
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator N/A
Previous Book Hero Factory Secret Mission 3: Collision Course
Next Book Hero Factory Secret Mission 5: Mirror World

Hero Factory Secret Mission 4: Robot Rampage was the fourth Hero Factory book of the Secret Mission series and written by Greg Farshtey. It was released on March 1, 2013. It explained Stringer's set absence from the Brain Attack line.

Back cover

"As soon as Stringer sends a warning message from the planet Tranquis VII, he vanishes. Stormer quickly dispatches Bulk and Furno to the inhabited planet to find out what has happened to their teammate and seek out whatever threat has made the entire planet go radio silent.

Once again, the brains have taken over almost all intelligent life on the planet. But things are different this time around. Bulk and Furno are about to discover that what looks like another invasion attempt is just covering up a much deeper and more sinister plot that will rock Hero Factory at its core."


The events of "Robot Rampage" take place about a week after the events that had occurred in "Collision Course".


--To be written--



Project Sunstorm group

  • Dumacc
  • Unknown numbers of scientists
  • Three Brains controlled citizens (Used for Karter's experiments)



  • Zib
  • Tranquis VII's citizens (Some are in stasis along with the Brains that are still attached on them)
  • Three S-12 security robots
  • Unknown numbers of security robots
  • An unnamed day watch commander


Makuhero City

  • Assembly Tower
    • Mission Control (Not mentioned by name)
      • Briefing room
        • Hangar

Tranquis VII

  • Tranquis, capital city
    • Control Tower (Gives clearance for ships/crafts to land)
  • Communications Towers (One intact in the capital city, Others either badly damaged or were under the Brains' control)
    • Main communications center (Top floor of the towers)

Vehicles, weapons, and/or objects

  • Stringer's Hero craft (Destroyed)
  • Hero craft Four (Equipped with a Chameleon Screen feature, piloted by Bulk)
  • Three old pirate vessels refitted with powerful engines
  • A reconditioned Battle Cruiser (Piloted and used by the pirates, formerly used by planets that need something to defend themselves prior the founding of the Hero Factory)
  • Likozite, a mineral that turns into a piece of reflective glass when it is heated.
  • Flash-bang, a rocket used by Bulk. It does not inflict damage, instead it will make lots of noise and lots of light resulting in temporary blindness and temporary scrambled/disabled of any optic and audio receptors.
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