A Hero Factory Team is a group of Heroes who work together to fight crime and villains as part of the Hero Factory.

They are usually assigned a Mission Manager to direct their movements on the ground.

Known Hero Factory Teams

The various teams are named after the Greek alphabet. There are currently thousands of teams on duty, yet only a fraction are known.

For accomplishments and other information, see the actual Team articles.

Alpha 1


Rookie 1

Delta 9

Epsilon 4

  • Lanford Puck (Leader)
  • Azar Wright
  • Gil Driver

Mu 19

  • Emma Sage (Leader)
  • Nathan "Nate" Slick (Formerly; Promoted to Delta 9)
  • Geneva Mills
  • Neko Scott

Hero Recon Team

Rho 3

  • Eric Zeal (Leader)
  • Kelly Deep
  • Rosalie Brisk
  • Michael Crisp

Rho 14

  • Matthew Flash (Leader)
  • Hailey Quick
  • Maddison Swift

Sierra Team

  • Ted Blakespear (Leader)
  • Bart Ellori
  • Nite Burgiss
  • Chris Trident

Zed 4

  • Rachel Dodge (Leader)
  • Matthew Flare
  • Lily Fox
  • Ian Grey

Other Hero Factory Teams

These teams have either been heard of or shown in the story, yet not much is otherwise known about them, meanwhile many of these teams are currently disbanded.

Carter & Flint's Team

  • Duece Carter
  • Oscar Flint
  • Felonius Fox (Formerly)

Omega Team

  • Thomas Hotshot (Leader)
  • Kenneth Blackout
  • Michael Scorcher
  • Andrew Shocker

Gamma Team

Jackson Team

A team mentioned by Zib in Core Crisis (Episode).

Rycrus Team

A team mentioned by Zib in Core Crisis (Episode).

Thresher's Current Team

  • Thresher (Leader)
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