Hero Factory Teaser Trailer
LEGO Hero Factory Teaser Trailer

LEGO Hero Factory Teaser Trailer

Featured Animation Hero Factory Teaser Trailer
Promoting Hero Factory
Creator Unknown
Released 2010

The Hero Factory Teaser Trailer is a promotional video detailing the creation and nature of Heroes.


As the Hero Factory logo appears, a speaker asks where Heroes come from. An alarm goes off, and William Furno's construction is shown while the speaker continues to describe the Hero Factory and the Heroes it produces. Furno comes to life, and images of him are shown before the Assembly Tower itself is shown. The speaker concludes by saying where Heroes are built: at Hero Factory.


“Where do Heroes come from? Are they merely the fanciful dreams of the dispossessed and downtrodden?
Or are they something more? And if so, what makes a Hero?
Inside the soaring Assembly Tower of the Hero Factory, real Heroes are built every day.
They are the product of tireless work from design experts and robot construction specialists,
creative geniuses who work around the clock, challenging the laws of physics and technology
to produce extraordinary robotic Heroes. Fitted with solid fiber-carbide plating, unique quaza cores
and equipped with absolute state of the art helmets and equipment, a Hero Factory Hero is
a being of unparalleled power, who fights evil with both guts and gadgets.
No one can be in any doubt as to where Heroes come from.
Hero Factory. We build Heroes.”
— Narrator
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