The Hero Factory Universe is the area of space, and the galactic bodies therein, in which the Hero Factory storyline takes place.

A black hole in the Universe


The Hero Factory Universe contains many different locations. Many of these are planets, ranging across an entire galaxy. Denizens of the universe travel between these planets using a variety of spacecraft, or in the case of Von Nebula, teleportation devices. What follows is a list of planets in the Hero Factory Universe, known locations on its surface, and known inhabitants:

Almaak IV

The fourth planet from the sun in the Almaak system. The government of the neighboring Almaak V cloaked the planet, causing massive panic amongst the citizens of Almaak V. The planet was later uncloaked by Jimi Stringer.

Almaak V

The fifth planet from the sun in the Almaak system.

Asteroid-Like Planet

A small, rocky planet located in the Makuhero Belt.

Makuhero City

The Hero Factory Assembly Tower




A world that has not been described in story. It is known to have a "Thermo-Dam", which the criminal Corroder sabotaged.


  • The Cygnia Thermo-Dam

Deltari Quadrant

A location in the Galaxy which Von Nebula and his crew robbed of palomino diamonds.


The third planet from the sun in the Sol solar system. Many of the distress calls to Hero Factory are made from this planet. One can find additional information about this planet in almost any textbook on our planet (which happens to be Earth).


Etamin II

The second planet from the sun in the Etamin system.


Fabulox 18

A desert planet, the eighteenth from the sun in the Fabulox system. William Furno once had a simulation of the planet, but had to repeat the exercise again due to being distracted by Mak Megahertz.

William Furno training "on" Fabulox 18.


  • A high-security compound (In a Simulation)

Faradai Belt

A region with high levels of electrostatic energy, causing audio recordings to become muddled. Hero Factory Alpha Team once chased a group of fuel smugglers in this location.


The fifth planet from the sun in the Sol system.


  • Jupiter Valley


  • A citizen named Patrinca
  • Some of the Megahertz clan

Lemus 2

The second planet from the sun in the Lemus system.

XPlode and Rotor robbing the explosives plant on Lemus 2.


Lunar Tratix

A mysterious planet in the outer regions.


Merak 9

The ninth planet from the sun in the Merak system, a mining planet. Hero Factory Alpha Team defended a shipment of C-4000 explosives from XPlode and Rotor on this planet.

Preston Stormer on Merak 9.


The first planet from the sun in the Sol system.

Mekron City

A city attached to a planetoid in the Mekronite Planetoid Belt that is watched over by Chief Drax and was attacked by Meltdown.

Mekron City Precinct


  • Mekron City Precinct


  • Chief Drax


The eighth planet from the sun in the Sol solar system.


  • The hideous "Gorgon of Neptune"


A jungle planet, home to a large number of species and soon to be invaded by Witch Doctor.



A "backwards planet".


  • A citizen named Susan

Rotor's Homeworld

Rotor, an inhabitant of this planet.

The planet that the criminal Rotor hails from. It is currently pursuing him for treason.



The sixth planet from the sun in the Sol solar system.


  • The King of Saturn

Sarazon 8

The eight planet from the sun in the Sarazon system, and the site of a footrace between Preston Stormer and Natalie Breez.


A planet divided into provinces by the ruling Suzerain. The provinces are always warring.

The exotic flora of the Swamp World.


  • A swamp
  • An active volcano


  • The Suzerain race
  • Ice serpents
  • An acidic cloud creature

Swamp World

A planet that Heroes Preston Stormer and William Furno traveled to.


  • At least one giant insect, resembling a dragonfly

Tantalus 5

The fifth planet from the sun in the Tantalus system.


  • Construction site of Penitentiary 1331


  • Construction workers

Terral 9

The ninth planet from the sun in the Terral system.


  • A pack of cannibots

Terak System

A solar system from which a caller sent in a call to Hero Factory, which was answered by Mak Megahertz.


  • A citizen
  • Mutant pandas


The seventh planet from the sun in the Sol system.



A treacherous planet that Hero Factory Sierra Team once traveled to on a mission.


  • An Acid Snake

Other Locations

The planets that these locations are located on have not been established.

Android Relaxation Grounds Castle

A vacation destination in the galaxy. Hero Factory Team Rho 14 saved it from a swarm of fire sprites.

City Besieged by Tiger Ants

Cornelius Zo attacked this city with his army of Tiger Ants, but Hero Factory Alpha Team fought them off.

Iridium Mine

There are multiple iridium mines throughout the galaxy. Meltdown is wanted for sabotaging one of these.

Major City

Meltdown is wanted for destroying this city.

New Stellac City

A metropolis in the Universe in which the criminal Thunder has been spotted. It was also the original site of Von Ness's failure and, much later, the site of his battle for revenge against Preston Stormer.


An inhabited location in the Hero Factory Universe.


  • A citizen named Tito Box

Stellac City

A city in the Universe that New Stellac City was named after.


  • A citizen named Veldeen

Space Station Regular 1

A fragile-walled structure. It has eight levels and a sub-basement.


  • Eighteen workers
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