Aside from the few policies which apply across all Wikia (which can be found here and here), this wiki has some of its own, which are listed below.

Spoiler Policies

HeroPedia has a very strict spoiler policy. Failure to comply can result in a temporary block. This page will be updated regularly to suit the current sets and media products as well as the current information on HeroFactory.com.

Please note the policy does not apply to user pages and user blogs. However, any information and/or images on user pages and user blogs are not counted as official under any circumstances.

Invasion From Below

Any information regarding the sets in the upcoming Hero Factory setline, Invasion From Below, is not to be added to articles until their official release.

Hero Factory books

If you have any information about the books, please, make the pages and add the info! If you can, add to the characters' list of appearances if they appear in one of the books.


Administrators are given the right to block users should their actions fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Vandalism: defined as any bad-faith edit made with the intent to lower the quality of the wiki or disrupt the functioning of the community. This includes moving pages to inappropriate or spam-like titles.
  • Spamming: posting irrelevant spam links in articles, spamming on user blogs or user talk pages.
  • Policy breaking: disobeying any of combination of the policies on more than one occasion. Accidental violation of the policies is not considered an offence.

Warnings and duration

Users should be warned by an administrator at least two times before a block is issued. The duration of the block is determined by the administrator giving the block, and cannot be questioned once the block has been issued.

However, in the case of extreme amounts of spamming or situations where a block is the only measure of prevention, administrators can block users upon first offense without prior warning.


Administrators are permitted to delete any article considered to be spam-like, or unneeded. Users are allowed to protest against the deletion of an article, so long as they keep a level head and are not derogatory towards the said administrator.

Administrators are also permitted to delete any blogs or blog comments they consider to violate the user blog policy. Users are not permitted to argue against the decision to delete blogs or blog comments.

User blogs

Users are encouraged to create user blogs to socialise with the community. Although discussion about Hero Factory and themes is strongly recommended to be placed on the Wiki Metru Forums. Administrators are allowed to step in and delete any blogs they deem to be irrelevant and/or spam-like.

Users are not permitted to use the blog system as they would Tumblr or Blogger. Administrators are allowed to step in and delete any blogs they consider to fit under this category.

Users are also encouraged to comment on user blogs, so long as the comments are not derogatory or spam-like. Administrators are allowed to step in and delete any comments they deem to be irrelevant to the blogs topic and/or spam-like.

User pages

Users are encouraged to create a user page which gives some information about themselves and helps organize their contributions. They are, however; not allowed to have the follow things on their user page:

User talk pages

Users are allowed to communicate and socialise through user talk pages. However, users are not permitted to leave derogatory or spam-like messages. Abuse of user talk pages will result in blocking.

Further Information

If you wish to comment on the change of this policy, or request for it to be updated, please contact an administrator. If you do not comply to the above policies, blocking without further warning will be done.

General Disclaimer


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