Aside from the few policies which apply across all Wikia (which can be found here and here), this wiki has some of its own, which are listed below.


Administrators are given the right to block users should their actions fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Vandalism: defined as any bad-faith edit made with the intent to lower the quality of the wiki or disrupt the functioning of the community. This includes moving pages to inappropriate or spam-like titles.
  • Spamming: posting irrelevant spam links in articles, spamming on user blogs or user talk pages.
  • Insults: posting derogatory words or swearing, in articles, on message walls, or anywhere else.

Warnings and duration

Users should be warned by an administrator at least two times before a block is issued. The duration of the block is determined by the administrator giving the block, and cannot be questioned once the block has been issued. However, in the case of extreme amounts of spamming or situations where a block is the only measure of prevention, administrators can block users upon first offense without prior warning.


Administrators are permitted to delete any article considered to break any policy on the wiki. Users who deem an article to break a policy are allowed to post the Delete template on that page with the reason field filled in to say what policy the article breaks; if an admin agrees that that article breaks that policy, the admin may delete it instantly.

If any user—admin or not—sees an article that simply seems unnecessary or is unwanted in some way that does not directly violate a policy, the user may post the Delete template on that page with the reason field filled in to say why that page should be deleted. If no one objects to the article's deletion within a week, an admin can review the deletion; if the admin decides that the article should indeed be deleted, the admin can delete the article. Otherwise, if someone objects to the article's deletion within the week, the nominating user and the objecting user (along with anyone else who wants to pitch in) should attempt to find consensus; once consensus has been reached, the article should be kept or deleted based on consensus.

Further Information

If you wish to ask for a change to this policy, or to request that it to be updated, please contact an administrator.