“Bullets literally bounce off the shield, and it absorbs plasma bursts like they were breakfast bacon”
Hex Energy Shield
User(s) Natalie Breez, Rocka
Functionality Defense
Status In Use

The Hex Energy Shield is a defense weapon used by Natalie Breez and Rocka.


Breez obtained the Hex Energy Shield when she was upgraded with new armor following the mass Breakout.

Rocka was given one as well, though it lacks the defensive effectiveness of Breez's shield, and is considered more decorative than functional. However, it can still act as an useful melee weapon. It was later swapped for a Spinning Razor Saw Shield after the Brain Attack.


The Hex Energy Shield is made of localized radiant energy particles, or LREP, which is designed to bounce back any energy-based or kinetic weapon fired. Breez can use her shield to act as a brake while in flight.

While the Hex Shield can expand into a larger size, it becomes weaker as the size increases.

Set Information

The Hex Energy Shield was included in the Breez and Rocka sets of early 2012. It uses five of each sets 55 pieces.

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