Ice Spear Blaster
Ice Sniper
User(s) Mark Surge
Functionality Ranged Combat
Status Out of Use

The Ice Spear Blaster was a long-range projectile weapon used by Mark Surge.


After Surge was brought back from Tanker Station 22 and was Upgraded, Natalie Breez presented Surge with his new weapon at a ceremony in Surge's honor.

Following the mass Breakout, Surge replaced his Ice Spear Blaster with an Electricity Shooter and a Plasma Gun for his battle against Splitface.


The Ice Spear Blaster can be used to shoot spears of “ice”. The ice created is not actually made of water, but rather a frozen mixture of ammonia, methane and chlorine, as these freeze at lower temperatures. A thin film of crystalline benzene covers the entire spear, as means of keeping it from evaporating before impact.

The spears themselves can be shot with perfect accuracy thanks to a tiny self-guiding computer with laser guide that rests in each of the spears' tips.

The Blaster is also equipped with a climbing hook.

Example Usage

In Ordeal of Fire, Surge used the Ice Spear Blaster to create fireworks at a celebration in his honor.

Set Information

The Ice Spear Blaster was included in the Surge 2.0 Hero Factory set from early 2011, consisting of three of the set’s 30 pieces.

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