Insecticide Cannon
Insecticide cannon.png
User(s) Splitface
Functionality Shoot deadly and mutagenic infecticides.
Status Unused

The Infecticide Cannon is a weapon used by the organic side of Splitface.


When Splitface broke out during the Breakout, he took this with him to the Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite and used it to fight Mark Surge several times.

Splitface used it to blast Surge away before Surge could throw his Hero Cuffs at Splitface.

Splitface then used it to engage in a battle with the Hero, firing a blast, with the Hero evaded. He then used it to the destroy the rocks the Hero landed on, only for the latter to keep jumping away.

After some "melee" combat, he used it to shoot at the Hero, which weakened him, and the villain picked him up and threw and threw him at the big meteor, sending it to the satellite.

After Surge recovered, Splitface used the gun for melee combat, trying to punch him with it. However, Surge electrocuted him and threw him at the meteor, destroying it and defeating the villain.

When the villains were placed in Villain Storage, it was confiscated.


It sends Infecticide blasts at Splitface's opponents, weakening them.

Set Information

The Infecticide Cannon comes in set 6218, taking up 8 of the sets 50 pieces.

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