Jaw Beast
A Jaw Beast Emerges from the Ground and Attacks Civiliains.png
Affiliation Beasts
Status Unknown
Location Bellow Antropolis City

Jaw Beasts are giant purple-headed beasts who appeared during Invasion From Below.


After the hole in Antropolis City opened and the beasts came out, Jaw Beasts were almost everywhere, causing destruction.

One fought and destroyed the Stormer Freeze Machine and captured Preston Stormer.

Another one destroyed the Furno Jet Machine.

A few Jaw Beasts were seen underground when the Heroes were in the Queen's Lair. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards.


Jaw Beasts have translucent azure bones and long claws, with purple spikes running down their backs.

Set Information

Jaw Beast vs. Stormer comes with a Stormer minifigure and a spear to fight off the Jaw Beast.


  • The set of Jaw Beast comes with a Stormer minifigure.
  • They caused more destruction than any other beast.