Jawblade Breakout
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Magma Blades
Status Alive
Location Prison

Jawblade is an aquatic shark-like villain, who was a member of the Legion of Darkness.


The villain Jawblade hails from the water planet Scylla. He often made raids by going through pipelines. One time, on a raid with Toxic Reapa, he encountered the Hero Factory. He escaped and joined Black Phantom's Legion of Darkness. On the attack on the Hero Factory, Jawblade was launched into the pipelines of the Hero Factory and destroyed the wires from below. This act knocked him unconscious however and Hero Factory later removed him from the pipelines.

At one point, Jawblade encountered the Hero William Furno, who was on a mission. Jawblade stole the Hero's Dual Fire Shooter, and converted it into Magma Blades for his own personal use.

When Voltix initiated a breakout of the Hero Factory prison, Jawblade was one of the many prisoners set free. After escaping, he returned to Scylla, with a plan to collect the naturally occurring substance Oxidium. With enough Oxidium, Jawblade intended to harness it as a weapon, but encountered William Furno again on the water planet. Jawblade fought the Hero through the underwater valleys of Scylla, and eventually discovered a chunk of Oxidium on the seafloor. Using it rusted the Hero's armor, rendering him immobile. However, Furno was able to counteract the effects of the Oxidium using the energies of his Hero Core, and resumed the conflict. Jawblade was finally defeated and cuffed by the Hero, and eventually rejailed in the Storage Facility.

Abilities and Traits

Jawblade is an agile aquatic denizen, with a fierce temper. He is capable of functioning on dry land, but the awkward waddling necessary to do so angers him greatly. He bears powerful crushing jaws, which are his primary mode of attack, and his tailfin can harness jet propulsion to greatly enhance his speed underwater. He is also outfitted with Magma Blades, and his fins are razor sharp.


Jawblade carries two Magma Blades, weapons he stole from Furno and modified to fit his own use.

Set Information

6216 Jawblade was released in January 2012. Comprising 45 pieces, the set features a moveable jaw and a Hero Core (not used in the model's construction), which provides a game code to use with the latest online game, Breakout. The set can be combined with 6293 Furno to create a combine model using building instructions from


  • Breakout (First Appearance)
  • Breakout (game)


  • Jawblade was voiced by Steve Wilcox in Breakout.
  • In the Brain Attack episode, a advertisement for a movie called "Jawblade" can be seen multiple times.

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