“...and Jetbug, as mad as he is fast.”
Preston Stormer, Ordeal of Fire
Jetbug 2
Affiliation Fire Lord
Weapons Pincers, Claw Blades,
Lava Sphere Shooter
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Jetbug is one of the Fire Lord's Villains.


Jetbug was once a mining bot on the planet of Tallos 5. At one point in his life, Hero Factory scientists arrived on the planet and modified several of the local robots with fuel-absorbing augments in their fingers, in order to avoid constantly recharging. However, this modification backfired, as he could absorb more fuel than his body could handle. He eventually became corrupt with power, and left the planet with several other fuel-thirsty mining bots. He became wanted for crimes of destroying public property, robbery, assault, and arson.

Along with the other Fire Villains, he recently made his way to Tanker Station 22, where they started to siphon its fuel. The Alpha 1 Team was called in to stop them, though they only managed to save the workers due to the villains enhanced power. Jetbug managed to blast Furno off of a building and they all surrounded the retreating Heroes. However, Surge managed to draw the villains away, giving the Heroes a chance to escape.

The Heroes eventually returned to the Refueling Station after being upgraded and started to battle the mining bots. Jetbug managed to gain control of a Fuel Supply Ship, and nearly killed Breez and Furno. Surge managed to hijack the vehicle however, and was able to eject Jetbug from it. Along with the other fire villains he was put in the custody of the Hero Factory. He was awaiting cleansing but then escaped during the mass breakout. He is still on the loose along with the other villains that escaped during the mass Breakout in the Hero Factory.


Jetbug has yellow and black armor with orange eyes. Located on his back are two powerful engines that help him achieve flight.


Jetbug possesses pincers around his mouth and carried a Lava Sphere Shooter. He also wielded two Claw Blades, which could be used to fire energy.

Set Information

2193 Jetbug was released in January 2011 as one of the three Hero Factory small boxed villain sets. The set contained 63 pieces.



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