"We will rise!"


"Breakout boys!"

Jumpers are four legged creatures from Invasion From Below.


When the hole in Antropolis City opened, the Jumpers came out. Nathan Evo fought some off, waiting for Alpha 1 Team to arrive. When they arrived, they fought off even more. More Jumpers entered the construction yard when Evo was building Preston Stormer's battle machine, the others fought them off.

Rocka, in his Stealth Machine, with the help of William Furno, fought some off in the city.

When Stormer was taken underground by a Jaw Beast and Natalie Breez landed in front of the hole they'd disappeared in, many Jumpers surrounded her, forcing her to take flight again.

Rocka managed to catch a Jumper and studied it by putting it in his battle machine's container. He proved Breez's theory that they communicate, but before he could do anything else, the Jumper broke out, forcing the Hero to abandon his battle machine.

When the Heroes went underground, Rocka, in his Crawler Machine, used it to investigate an unopened cocoon. A Jumper leaped out at at the Hero who was in his battle machine, and knocked them off the column. The Hero used his battle machine's chainsaws to hold onto the edge, as the Jumper attacked repeatedly. Finally, Rocka used the Crawler Machine's legs to kick the beast off.

When the Heroes were split up, Mark Surge and Rocka, in their battle machines, fought off a few Jumpers.

Duncan Bulk, Evo, and Breez landed in a Crystal Cave, were Jumpers and Crystal Beasts surrounded them, but the Heroes fought them off.

In the Queen Beast's lair, there were many Jumpers, but none were killed, as the Heroes were making peace.

It is unknown what happened to them after the demise of the Queen


There're six kinds of Jumpers: Green bottom and black top, orange bottom and black top, red bottom and black top, green bottom and blue top, orange bottom and blue top, and red bottom and blue top. Each has four legs and a small horn, with many teeth.

Set Information

The Jumpers come in every battle machine set and take up 3 pieces each.


  • They were believed to be similair to the brains.
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