Lava Blaster
Lava Blaster
User(s) Fire Lord
Functionality Fire Plasma, Siphon Energy, Melee Combat
Status In Use

The Lava Blaster is a shield-like melee weapon used by Fire Lord.


The Lava Blaster is based off of Furno’s Dual Fire Shooter, as Fire Lord obtained the blueprints for his weapon and modified the design. As both can fire coils of plasma, the Lava Blaster can also siphon energy or fuel from whatever it touches. The blades of this weapon are considered very sharp.

Example Usage

Fire Lord used it to shoot Mark Surge.

Set Information

The Lava Blaster was included in the Fire Lord Hero Factory set from early 2011, comprising five of the set's 125 pieces.


  • It's the first villain weapon based off of a Hero weapon.
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