Lava Sphere Shooter
Lava Sphere Shooter
User(s) Drilldozer, Fire Lord, Jetbug, Nitroblast
Functionality Firing Spheres of Lava
Status In Use

The Lava Sphere Shooter is a modified version of a standard Meteor Blaster used by the Fire Lord and his gang of criminals.


The Lava Sphere Shooters can be used to shoot molten spheres of lava. The ammo's red-hot outer shell prevents obstacles from affecting its course. When the lava coating makes contact with an object, the sphere will explode and destroy what it makes contact with. Excess use of this weapon will result in it overheating.

Set Information

Similar to the Meteor Blaster, the Lava Sphere Shooter is made of two pieces, which are spaced two studs apart and attached to the set by one or two axles. The ammo can be fired by squeezing the midsection of the launcher. It is included in the Fire Lord set and the three small boxed villains released as part of the Hero Factory line of early 2011.

Known Users

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