Lightning Shooter and Shield
User(s) Mark Surge (Formerly)
Functionality Shoot Electrical Energy, Protection, Melee Combat
Status Out of Use

The Lightning Shooters and Shields were weapons used by Rookie Hero, Mark Surge.


During a battle in New Stellac City, Von Nebula created a black hole with his Black Hole Orb Staff that sucked up the Heroes' weapons, including the Lightning Shooter and Shield, though Surge eventually got them back.

After his upgrade to 2.0 status, Surge abandoned these weapons for an Ice Spear Blaster, which was presented to him during a ceremony honoring his bravery.

Xplode ahh!

The Lighting Shooter and Shield in action.

After the Breakout, one was redeveloped into an Electricity Shooter and Surge carried it to capture Splitface, while the other was kept in Weapon Storage.


High-voltage arcs of pure energy flowed from the apparatus, and they could be aimed with extreme accuracy by talented Heroes. When it was not being fired, the lightning power could be harnessed into a small shield that protected the Hero from energy blasts. The shield lasted only a short time, but was powerful enough to stop even the most devastating energy weapon, though it was useless against solid matter.

Example Usage

In The Trials of Furno, Surge used his Lightning Shooters to fire electricity at XPlode forcing him to retreat.

Set Information

The Lightning Shooters and Shields were included in the Mark Surge Hero Factory set from 2010, comprising two of the set's 19 pieces. They were made of a silver base with translucent yellow plastic detailing the electric flow from the weapon, and could be held with two hands as dual weapons or in one hand as a combined weapon.

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