Lucas Valor
Lucas valor.png
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Outer Fringes of the Galaxy

Lucas Valor is the leader of Hero Factory Team Delta 9, and is assigned to patrol the edges of the galaxy.


At some point in the past, Lucas Valor was assigned command of his teammates, Emily Wise and Nathan Slick, by the Hero Factory.

Delta 9 was recently deployed to the Space Station Regular 1 to end a hostage crisis. A group of space pirates under the command of Captain Dark Horrendous had boarded the station and held 15 workers to ransom. Valor and his team was tasked with rescuing the hostages and defeating the pirates, and the team leader was able to enact a surprise attack. Fighting using microfilament sabers and beanbag blunderbusses, energy weapons being unfeasible due to the fragility of the station, the team was able to force the pirates into retreat and eventually cornered them the station's sub-basement, where they surrendered, after Emily Wise switched off the lighting.

Valor currently patrols the edges of the galaxy, with the rest of Delta 9, in order to prevent incursions by malicious forces from neighboring galaxies.


Lucas Valor is a highly skilled combatant, able to match almost any opponent. He is extremely courageous, leading his team with amazing bravery.


Lucas Valor is taller than most Heroes, and has red, white, and green armor. He has a pale blue and orange Hero Core, and a large, unusually shaped helmet, resembling William Furno's chest plate.


Valor is armed with an ice launcher, as well as a blade weapon. He is also equipped with jet boots.

Set Information

Lucas Valor is a combiner model built using pieces from 7164 Preston Stormer, 7165 Natalie Breez, and 7167 William Furno. The instructions to construct him were released exclusively in the September/October 2010 issue of the LEGO Brickmaster magazine.


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